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Absolutely horrific attempt at me trying to be an upstanding member of society.

Every Friday and Saturday night for the last three months, a car has sat on a road near my house, outside a cemetery, at 3am.

Never really thought that much of it, but of late, there’s been a few people sat in the car, sometimes a car full. As I drove past last night, something just didn’t feel right.

Who in the right mind would sit there, at that time?

After watching way too much Breaking Bad recently, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to just log this with the non-emergency Police, just because, you know, you can never be too sure.

After asking me questions about, if they were smoking, did it look like they had any weapons, could they be armed, they rang me back about half an hour later.

It was a couple who lost their baby daughter earlier in the year. They were going through the grieving process, sat beside the little girl’s grave.

I don’t think I have felt that awful in a long time. It was a mixture of annoyance that the occupants weren’t doing something they shouldn’t have been, but the obvious horror that the parents were going through.

My good deed for the day, sort of backfired.

Group Projects

What’s rate sound is when, in a group project, someone decides they’re not bothered and so doesn’t do any work. 10 days left, and we have… nothing!!!


My vox pop for a¬†university project. It’s rare I’m proud of something, but this is one of them moments.