This weekend I was paid to watch football and talk about it.

Pretty much a perfect gig, made easier by the fact everything I needed to do my job was in a backpack.

Making radio is great fun – and it’s constantly changing as new technology makes our jobs easier. iPhones are my go-to piece of essential kit, whether it’s a vox pop in Sheffield city centre, to a live broadcast from a football stadium.


I have a work-issued iPhone SE on O2, and as much data as I can go through. An iRig Pre means I can plug pretty much any microphone into the iPhone, and an external battery will mean I’ll run out of things to say before my power drops.

The BBC is one of many broadcasters that use a very clever app called Luci Live to make the quality connection between the reporter and the studio. I love it. Other colleagues have had bad experiences and so avoid it.

My other option was the satellite van I brought, but parking at the ground was at a premium and the distance was too far to be effective on wireless microphones.


Surrounded by 2,000 people, my 4G was surprisingly stable. In fact, I noticed two drop outs, and sadly one of those was on air. For around a second. The other drop out was for around a second, so I don’t know how much that would have affected the output, if at all.

Overall, a very strong performance from the mobile kit. I could then send back the interviews to be played out before I had time to get into the warm van to drive back to base.

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