On the 19 December, simultaneous raids across the region took place, arresting five people on terror offences.

From the early-morning bangs in Meersbrook, to the bomb squad turning up to a community centre in Burngreave, it’s a story that led our bulletins throughout the day.

I was sent to Burngreave at around 15:00 to see what was happening there. After shooting some video for social media, editing it sat on a traffic cone, and sending it to the server, a cordon was put in place by police.

This was later used on the BBC Six O’Clock News and Look North.

Within an hour of me arriving, the police searches had uncovered something that they weren’t taking likely. After filing my 16:00 bulletin piece, the police asked that I step away from the building.

This live Drive hit was then done on a mobile phone as the police cordon grew.

After standing around in the cold, and my line manager calling the police press office, I was finally let back into the cordon to get my broadcast van, just as the bomb disposal van arrived.

Another hit for Drive, this time on a broadcast van, and a quick handover with Look North, the ever-increasing police and media presence drew a large and excited crowd.

For me, there wasn’t much more I could do. Home just in time to see the video go out on air.

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